Young Adults

Posted: July 23, 2024


At this stage in life it is very important to set the foundations early to make the most of your financial position, allowing you to put aside savings for a holiday, car or house without forgoing the opportunity to have fun and make some memories while you are young.

Generally, as a young adult you will have no dependants, little to no commitments and be gaining financial freedom. It is therefore considered a good time to start getting your financial affairs in order. By receiving some financial advice early in your life, you will be doing your future self a favour.

Some areas of advice worth considering as a Young Adult include:

  • Setting up a regular savings or investment plan,
  • Ensuring your super is invested appropriately and is suitable for you,
  • Putting in place adequate insurance to protect against not being able to earn an income temporarily or permanently as a result of an illness or injury,
  • Having a Will & Enduring Power of Attorney.

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